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Great game

So beautiful!!!I Like it!!!

I love the graphics. The color and the pixel layouts are beautiful

SUPER CUTE the music is delightful and this is a genuinely fun and enjoyable game to play (-: 10/10

¡Que buen Pixel Art!

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so cute 

This was such a wonderful little game, by the time it was done I was caught off guard cause I was so engrossed! 

this game could have twice as many levels and still feel short, which is a great achievement imho

great mechanics, smart little puzzles and really wonderful aesthetics. 

amazing job you guys! 

Thomas_Turbano acha esse Jogo interessant

retro is gold

what did you use to make this?

gxc only allows gamemaker games so im guessing this game was made in gamemaker studio or some other version of it

Hi! Don't know if ya know but if you click on the "more information" it sometimes says what its made with ^^! And this is made with GameMaker: Studio, Aseprite

This was made using GameMaker Studio 2 (now, only GameMaker 2022)


Wonderful game! Very smart puzzles!

theires is an exact game like this one called resurgent like so much things in just like 4mb or 10 like wow


Wow! I really enjoyed this game and was really surprised when it ended. In others words, it felt too short!

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Fun and simple game, finally a game that uses resources well (only 4MB!). Could probably be smaller if built natively for GNU/Linux, not for Microsfot's Operating Spyware.

Runs smoothly with Wine, with no tweaks required.


Fantastic! ❤️


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Played through this, its really neat but I have to ask of those who've also played through... 


... the hidden alternate version of level 3 the only one out there or are there some others I need to do a better job of tracking down?

Level 3 was the only one I found as well, wonder if there's more to that or if it's more of a leftover feature? still neat though


This is an outstanding mix of logic, skill, art, and sound.


This is the only puzzle game that was fun enough to keep playing and pass it. It is very fun and I recommend everyone to play it.


It's always a pleasure finding these short, puzzle-platforming indie games that take the established base of what the genre is, and adds it's own flare to it!

While having the regular jump and climb that's frequent in the platforming genre, Moonleap's puzzling comes from the unique gimmick where jumping causes you to turn day to night; with this change comes changes to the environment from spikes forming and receding, vines disappearing, the wildlife's states being altered, and certain platforms breaking.

Having run through all levels twice, I couldn't find any glitches aside from cow physics being applied to the character even when the cow has stopped moving (only happens in one level really).

All in all, this was a short and sweet puzzle platformer that had nice music, a great artstyle, and nice gameplay that fit greatly with the puzzles!

My playthrough:



The game is really fun! The main mechanic is very innovative and the puzzle design unlike other puzzle game is great and the puzzles really stumped me. The graphics and the music also good. This game has lots of potential and can definitely be expanded.

Short and very cool game, congrats! I had a lot of fun figuring out some of the stuff you wanted players to accomplish.

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El juego es maravilloso, el diseño de niveles aprovecha muy bien las mecánicas, y lo que duro el nivel se me hizo muy entretenido y agradable.

Los audiovisuales son excelentes


O jogo ficou top e tenho orgulho de dizer que votei nele! Parabéns! :D


Amazing game, superb level design and charming visuals. Highly recommended!


beautiful game! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓


This game's art is beautiful! The main character reminds me of Wayne from Hylics :)


Gostei do Jogo Gráficos Lindos Personagem Fofo E meio difícil mas não Impossível e Jogável Eu queria que tivesse a Opção de Jogar com Controle também,Mas esse detalhe não muda muito


So GOOD! It's fun, challenging but not too hard, and it looks so cute! Good job!!!

The textures are so relaxing, plus the game mechanics are original and adictive, I love it!


Cara que jogo maravilhoso!
Eu espero, MUITÍSSIMO, que sua produção linda ganhe a GameJam
E mesmo se não ganhar, saiba que você fez um ótimo jogo, Gu!


that was really cool! I was often surprised by how specific some of the interactions i needed to understand were, made for some good puzzles

faz uma versão pra mac PLZZZ

também quero ;w;

usa o wine

estou a usar a versão monterey do mac :/

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Cara, adorei o game, cabei de finalizar ele, confesso que passei um pouco de raiva ksksksks mas de verdade ele tá incrivel, a arte tá muito bonitinha e eu fiquei bem envolvido na músiquinha

(ahh e não sei se alguém já comentou mas tem um segredo na fase 3, eu achei quando tava revendo as fases ksksks)

(I don't know if anyone has already commented but I have a secret in phase 3, I found it when I was reviewing phases ksksks)


Tristeza que não tem para celular eu tenho PC Mas ele é muito ruim 😔

o meu tambem mais eu consegui jogar


simply amazing.

pretty cool


I love it! I really like the graphics, the mechanics  and the level design

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