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the game is good but i can't switch to fullscreen mode

I can if I press alt+enter 

ok thanks

This game is very good, i liked

The mechanics and gameplay is good, this game should receive game of the year, lol

Wow this game is so cool! I love the art style and the music :)

its cool platformer game!

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I'm sorry but, i'm completing level 3 and the game can't register as Completed(green). I've unlocked 2 more and still

P.S » My mistake. It is not a glitch. There is a narrow path you can follow to truly complete. 2-in-1 levels there are :) Youtube

Loved it!! Simple, cute and clever!

So cute, so chill I love it :3

Una corta, pero intensa aventura que pone a prueba nuestras habilidades de distintas formas.

Hice una microreview aquí: 

I loved it ! Cute and fun.

Enjoyed this a lot. Really like Starboy Adventures too. Looking forward to what you do in the future.
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A really cute and creative game! I had such a nice time enjoying this while keeping my braincells active!!

This game is super cute! Puzzles were really clever too, love the use of the wraparound screen.

Are there any other secret levels besides the one in level 3?


Very nice game! I even speedrun the game just for fun.

What an amazing game, couldn't put it down until the end! 


It was a really fun game! Also uh Am i the first one to find the secret room on level 3?

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cool! At first, I couldn't figure out you need to jump into the pit in level 4. This is against all gamer instincts.



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Nice style.

So haaard.

Missing the ,,Escape" button.

Fantastic game


Fantastic game! It was a fantastic bite-sized adventure, and I'd love to see this expanded into something larger that I could buy.

nao comsegui ganar um level


Eu fiquei apaixonado na ideia do jogo, mas tem como fazer uma versão pra linux, se não for dar muito trampo?

i ala o cara usa linux

Bonzão, mano. Experimenta de um Pendrive qualquer dia. A placa de vídeo fraquinha voa nele.

obg minha placa e fraca qual o linux q ce usa?

Eu tô usando o linux mint. Se tiver dificuldades, pode acessar o canal do Diolinux, ele explica muita coisa sobre jogar no linux

mto obg man



Boa Gu!!

banger game!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesomeeeee!!!!!


Very cute game! Lots of satisfying solutions to puzzles.



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game is birifu


guselect sempre orgulhando o brasil, parabens! :)

Has anyone tried running on exagear? which wine?





Love This Game I Was A Fun Puzzle Game. I Rage A Bit But It Was Pretty Fun.


Really fun game to play and great music!


LOVE IT, so good and polished work




Super cool. Runs flawlessly on Wine (GNU/Linux - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). Also, CUTE GRAPHICS!!!

Aí sim. Vou testar aqui no Mint

(Traduzido do inglês/Translated from English) OK. Eu uso o Ubuntu embora.

Yo uso Mint y funciona muy bien.

Gracias, voy intentarlo


Very fun game. Keep it up! 


Any chance for macOS version. I like this game on screen and movies. Looks so nice.


You could run it on Wine, I think Wine is also on MacOS


If you download the opera gx browser you can play it in your browser:


Great game

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